About This Blog

Thousands upon thousands of women are raped in the UK every year and the overwhelming majority of their attackers continue to live their lives untouched by the law. Their victims, on the other hand, may well be struggling to rebuild their shattered self-esteem and self-confidence and their ability to ever trust another human being. And much more besides.

As a society, we should be deeply ashamed.  That so many rapists are allowed to operate freely and without penalties. That victims who dare to speak out are let down time and time again by the police, the legal profession and the general public. That women and girls are judged to have "consented" to their attacks by simply wearing make-up or provocative clothes, by walking in the wrong part of town or by drinking too much....

This blog aims to create a resource of cases, reports and surveys relating to the situation facing victims of rape in the UK today. 

It's time to set a new precedent.

And it's time to say to women who report their rape: